Extra Tools

Some extra tools that Frescobaldi provides (besides LilyPond editing) are documented here. These tools are accessible via LilyPond ยป Extra Tools.

Create blank staff paper

With this tool you can create blank music staff paper and print it or save it to a file. Of course, LilyPond is used to create the staff paper. Above in the window you can choose which type of music paper you want to create. At the bottom of the window, you can choose what you want to do with your newly created staff paper, as soon as you click Ok. Write it to a file, open it in a PDF viewer, directly print it or copy the LilyPond source to the editor to customize it further.

Five types of staff paper can be created:

Single Staff

Creates staff paper with (by default) 12 single staves per page. You can select the clef you want to use. If you select the TAB clef, tablature staves are printed (with 6 lines).

Piano Staff

Creates piano staff paper with (by default) 6 systems per page. You can check whether you want the default clefs to be printed or not.

Organ Staff

Creates organ staff paper with (by default) 4 systems per page, consisting of a braced piano staff and a pedal staff. You can check whether you want the default clefs to be printed or not.

Choir Staff

Creates a bracketed staff group with 2 or more staves. First select the number of staves you want in the system. Then select the number of systems you want in a page. Finally, choose which clefs you want to add. See "Whats This" (Shift+F1) on the clef entry for more information.

Custom Staff

This is the most advanced way to create blank staff paper. You can click one of the three buttons on the left to add a brace, a bracket, or a staff. You can arrange the staves or the staff groups by dragging them with the mouse. Multiple groups may be nested. For each staff you can select a clef and adjust the space you want to leave above and below it. The bracket staff group can be configured to print just a square bracket instead of the usual with curved tips, and you can control whether you want barlines (if you want them, see below) to be connected between staves in the group or not.

If you click Try a preview will be shown. If you click Details, additional settings become visible to select the staffsize, the number of pages, page numbers and barlines you want to print.

Last modified: 16 nov 2009