Development of Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi 2 and 3 are developed in git on Github. Frescobaldi 2 is written in Python with PyQt4 for its user interface, and is designed to run on all major platforms. Frescobaldi 3 uses PyQt5.

Frescobaldi 1.2.x is in bug-fix mode developed in Googlecode's Subversion repository. This version uses the KDE4 libraries and can't be run on platforms that don't have the Python-KDE4 bindings.

Frescobaldi is Free Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You are welcome to help find bugs and add features or translations.

Bugs and translations

If you find a bug, please report it in our issue tracker (if it hasn't been reported already). If you want to translate Frescobaldi to your own language, please read the file README-translations.

Feature requests

Feature requests and wishes can also be posted to the issue tracker.

Source code

If you want to check-out the source code to help develop Frescobaldi, it is recommended that you use the latest source code from the Git repository. You can get the source code by installing Git on your own machine and then entering the following commands.

The file README-development contains more information about the layout of the source code. If you want to add your changes to Frescobaldi, please send a patch to the mailing list or author address. Use the following command to create a patch with your changes against a fresh svn checkout:

git diff > mypatch.diff

You can also use git format-patch to send commits via e-mail. It is not necessary to send updated translations as patches: please send them as complete files.

See for more information.

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